Sunday, 21 March 2010

I confess….

I love peaking into other peoples craft spaces.

I have been doing a lot of research lately for my own room.Sadly I still haven't had a return call from the carpenter.

Check out Donna Downey's amazing studio here.She even has a cute video on the net showing the making of the room.God knows why she changed the original one,it was just as good.

I have been busy again putting more furniture on ebay for sale.I have no idea where it all comes from? I have a loft,summer house and cellar full,and both my sister and sisteri-n-law have lots of my “spare” pieces.

I have been busy dressing this bed for its spot on ebay.

I was shocked to win it a couple of years ago on ebay for £9!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby moaned about putting it back together in the dining room,but I’m sure you’ll agree it now looks worth more than £9?

I sold a pine table and chairs last year that I won on ebay for £21.We used it for over a year ,why we restored our house.It became obsolete when we had our kitchen fitted.So back it went on ebay,and can you believe it I got £220!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We sold a very old worm eaten wardrobe this week,for more than I bought it for over 10 years ago.My husband thought it was only worthy of the dump,but now I have a nice three figured sum of cash!!!!

I LOVE EBAY……………………………………

The conservatory is a dumping ground at the moment for furniture we’re selling.Its full of space now the dresser & workbench  are upstairs.So out came this gorgeous chest of drawers that has sat in the summer house with no home.


I hadn’t wanted to give it to my eager sister or sell it,so I’m so pleased to see it back out again.

I can fill it with the stash that is all over the place until the scrap room is finished.






Shimelles set another challenge for Saturday.I knew exactly what I’d like to finally use.

I was desperate for these spinners when they first came out.But they have sat ever since in my stash.In fact they were right at the bottom.When I dug it out today,I knew that I had to use a picture of Teddy.The words were so apt.

The two backing papers are yours Hilary.You may have recognised them.

Hilary has enough stash to start a shop,believe me.I am very jealous of all the lovely kits she has.

So I hope you think I put the papers to good use…………..

My word for the year-




Hilary J said...

Thanks for helping me use up (some of) my stash! Great layout and photos as usual.

humel said...

That layout is *stunning* :-) Love all the layers and distressed edges and little details and of course the gorgeous photo... x


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