Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Well what a lovely day,for me anyway.

Poor Ryan was hung over after a late night.

We spent the day in London popping to all my favourite places.

First stop was Columbia Road flower market.

It was so busy even at 10am.Too busy for me,I chose some flowers for a friend and my Mother in Law and then left empty handed for myself.

But I got to pop into some shops and bought some bits I regretted not buying last time.

There were some familiar faces from last time

and some new ones

Then it was off to Cath Kidston to buy a bag.I am going to convert it to hold my camera.I have wanted it for a while and I was in the mood to treat myself……..

Then it was a quick run into Selfridges to try on the Chanel sunglasses I wanted.

I couldn’t decide if I liked them.

My children thought my old ones were nicer,so we nearly left empty handed.But we passed through the food court and were drawn to the cupcakes.

Then it was off to Trafalgar square for the St Patricks Day celebrations.We had missed the parade,but caught lots of people enjoying themselves





then it was home for a spot of indulgence with tea and cakes.Me and Tasmin had to polish of most of them,as the men weren't that interested.Men just don’t get cupcakes????

Our favourite was the  smartie one and the ferrero Rocher  inspired one.

Mmmm…….in fact we feel sick now……….

(My word for the year)





Hilary J said...

Great photos, especially that one of Tasmin & Ryan. Those cupcakes look good too!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad you had a good day...the cakes look scrummy & that is a lovely pic of your offspring!! Good choice of bag & I think your current sunglasses are perfect...why buy new?!!!


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