Friday, 5 March 2010

Glad rags and handbags

There is a bit of a handbag theme going around the blogs at the moment.My Friend Sandra,showed us inside hers here.All I’m going to say ,is its no wonder she has problems with her shoulders.

In the UK we call them handbags, in the States they are referred to as pocket books or purses.I looked up the definition of handbag and it says a SMALL bag used by mainly women to carry around small personal items.

Some people seem to carry half their world around in theirs.As with all things in my life I am anal about my handbags,I carry very little around with me.I have baskets full of lovely things to put in my bag ,but my back is just not up it.I have to carry as light a bag as possible.I don’t carry a hair brush or any make up except a lip-gloss.

What I love about handbags is that they always fit.You do not have to lose weight to fit into are never too fat for a new bag,infact a big bag will make you look smaller.Maybe that might explain why I have quite a few.

I like good classic,designer handbags.Yes,they cost a lot ,but the fact you use them everyday means you get more value for money,than say a pair of shoes.

I am currently using this beautiful “boogie” Celine bag.It was the IT bag a few years back.Madonna and Gwyneth,among may other stars had it dangling on their arms.

This is my second boogie bag.My first black one was “stolen”from a shopping trolley.I couldn’t afford this one originally ,but when my insurance money arrived I shot up to Harrods and there was my favourite version 40% off in the sale.

The matching purse was in the sale as well,so I thought why not and bought that as well!

This is all that is in my bag.

I never go anywhere without my Chanel sunglasses.I wear them everyday.Even in the house when I have a migraine.I have my eye on a new pair that have just come out.I have found Chanel are the best sunglasses  for my face shape.The ones in my bag are green coloured as I don’t like black frames.

I am rather taken with these red framed ones.But I will have to try them on,to see if they sit right on my chubby cheeks.



I admit it,I have rather a lot of expensive bags,but definitely my most expensive is this Chloe,Paddington.

I got it a couple of Christmas’ ago.It was the last one of this colour left in the UK.It cost nearly a £1000 pound!!!!

I LOVE this bag but it is so HEAVY.I have tried everything to lighten it.But I suffer with severe pain every time I use it.Mine is in mint condition and maybe one day my daughter will use it as a vintage bag.

My usual bag is this Louis Vuitton speedy bag.It  was the first thing I bought with my inheritance.The key ring thing hanging is very useful,I use it to secure my bag to the shopping trolley.Its really an extender for the handle of one of my LV bags.My friend persuaded me to buy it for myself on my 40th.I’m so glad I did.

I had wanted a Louis Vuitton bag since I was 18.We had trekked all over Paris looking for the store only for me to find I couldn’t even afford a comb cover.

So years later when I saw my Husband coming up the garden path with a huge LV box after a trip to Paris, I couldn’t believe my luck.He had tears in his eyes because he knew how shallow I am and that I would be extremely happy.

He would have had more tears if he would have known at the time that he had bought me the wrong shape of bag.He had bought me a LV Alma.

The Speedy was what I had coveted.So for years I used this bag without telling him.

He then bought me this cute evening bag.I always take it away with me on holiday as it just sits under your arm.Its very well used and loved.



Unfortunately the new bags have now dried up.Hubby no longer travels far for work and all our resources are spent on the house.

But I’m sure I have enough to be going on with for now.Plus I have a few more I haven’t even shared on here!!

My friend Judith has ordered what is the Ultimate designer bag.A Hermes Birkin bag.They start from about $5,000 and you have to order them years in advance.This would be my favourite bag to own ,but sadly it would be far to heavy for me.As I found out to my peril when I bought this expensive mistake.Its styled in the style of a “Birkin”

It was my intention to use it as a bag to travel on planes with.

But seeing my travel has dried up of late,it too sits in a dust bag in my wardrobe.




I haven’t put an outfit on here for a while.I keep taking pictures and forgetting to put them on.So here's me dressed all in black.

I have my new silver pumps on and lots of jewellery bought for me from the above mentioned friend.

I was off to the hairdressers who I am giving advice too,on interior design.I had a go at curling my hair and it looked lovely when I left the house.But when I returned I looked like I had been through a bush backwards!

So its now stuck on the top of my head.




Scrappi Sandi said...

WOW!! Not at what's in your bag...although it was far more than I expected....but just the running total of the value of your bag collection!! Do you have a seperate insurance policy for them?!!!! Great shot of you in back...complete with the ever present Teddy..looking cute!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Oooops! for 'back' read 'BLACK'!!! sorry! :)


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