Friday, 19 March 2010


I am struggling with another migraine.I take daily medication to try and prevent them but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.I think they are linked to my neck and back problems as when one hurts ALOT the migraines pop up for 3 days at a time.So I think a trip back to the Doctors is in order.It would be nice to come off the tablets as I put on a stone as soon as I went on them.A friend of mine came off hers straight away as they slowed her right down and the scales started increasing alarmingly.

Teddy was very brave this week.

The car ride to his destination was a bit hair raising.Its very twisty through country lanes and at one point he ended up upside down in the foot well.

His excitement at a trip, quickly evaporated when he saw we’d arrived at the vets.He had his yearly inoculations and didn't bat an eyelid.I had him weighed as everyone comments how fat he is.But I can now assure them its just his big fluffy coat.He’s really a skinny Minnie under his clothes.Just like me really!!!

I felt he deserved a treat for being so brave ,so this time I put him in the back of the car and all I could see was his head popping up and down looking out the back window.

Teddy takes me for a walk not the other way around.Its always a chore to take him out.I can't believe such a little thing has such strength.I always come back exhausted .So It was time to treat him(me)to an anti pull harness.He tried it on for size in the shop  and then promptly amazed me by acting like an angel.He walked around like the best trained dog he isn’t.So I  gladly handed my money over.

Well, I would love to tell you that its a miracle and he’s a changed,passive little bundle of fluff.But no he still tries to pull me and embarrasses me by dragging me the full length of waiting traffic outside my house….I can see people tutting and laughing.

But the good thing is I can lift him of the ground now.So hopefully he’ll get the message soon,who’s in charge………………….

Shimelle’s “something from almost nothing” class included a video link on how to make a ribbon flower with an iron.I had a light bulb moment when I realised I had some ribbons I’d inherited from my Mum.She used to make lots of craft projects and had a little business making cushions and decorated teddy bears.We sold most of her huge lace and ribbon stash.But I remembered I had a drawer full of “bits”.So instead of using up stash I have ended up discovering more that I had forgotten I had!!!!!!!!!!

I had a go at making the flowers but I wasn’t very successful.My ribbon wouldn’t flatten.But I decided I  didn't need to bother,not when I have all these new stash flowers to use up.

Plus,I found my drawer of wool and unfinished crochet projects,so I’ve dug them out as well.So watch this space to see if my crochet addiction comes back.

Checkout this blog of the shop Jolie where I used to buy all my wool. The shop is amazing and Danni and Linda are very clever ladies. Its like you’ve died and gone to heaven when you go in the shop.Its a feast for your eyes.

I had to clearout my stash cupboard yesterday so that we can lift the dresser upstairs.

But none of us felt up to trying to struggle with it up the stairs.Its VERY heavy and HUGE.So lets hope I like it in the  new scraproom because I don’t fancy telling Hubby to take it back downstairs.

I had a shopping trip yesterday so I thought I’d share my outfit for the day with you.

I am determined to lose a few pounds to fit into my favourite all time dress.So far so good .I have been a good girl for the last few days,but I feel a cupcake baking session coming on.

Its a beautiful Whistles dress made of silk.But it has no give in it whatsoever and that lovely little velvet ribbon around the waist is VERY unforgiving.

So its hung on my wardrobe as inspiration to eat less.




Along with this gorgeous dress I bought last year.It has the weirdest shape.

The waist is huge and is under my boobs.So I have to wear a belt which I HATE to do.But I needed to buy this huge size,to fit my ample bosom in.And its still straining at the seams.So I’m having it restyled,maybe into a 1950’s style skirt or a dress with a scooped neck to let the puppies breathe!

What do you think????


Denise said...

Dress with a scooped neck sounds good,I'm sorry to hear you've got another migraine,you have my total sympathy.I've got mine down to stress, cheese, chocolate and being overtired,oh and that basin at the hairdressers when they bash your neck in a certain place as they wash it. Wish you much better soon xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

So glad Teddy doesn't need to diet...I didn't think diamond earrings were fattening!! What lovely stash from your did you forget about all that?!!
Will you be taking that dress to Chicago?...& not eat the whole week?!!! I think a scoop neck would be good too... Hope you feel much better soon..resist that urge to bake as you know it'll be you that eats them...unless of course you invite us all round...No No No I musn't aet them either all I'll be paying excess baggage on the flight out...not to mention coming back!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i had a little giggle as i imagined teddy upside down in the foot well!! tas xx

Jane said...

So sorry to hear about the migraine - are you on a betablocker??? Propranolol or something similar maybe?? I know that made me gain weight fast and made me soooo lethargic!!

Now I am on Topamax which I take daily as a preventative - it works great for migraines and best of all one of the side effects is weight LOSS - not too much in most people but enough to count and it doesn't make you tired!! So it's the opposite to most migraine meds!!!

I also take maxalt when I DO get a migraine.

I just thought I'd suggest something else you could mention to your Doctor. HTH


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