Saturday, 2 January 2010

January 2nd





(23 years of marriage)

I have a feeling a lot of my CAPTURE photos are going to include Teddy.

We had a long lie in,surfing the net,before taking down all the decorations.It looks so bare and soulless now.

Thank you for the comments on my Christmas photos.

Its funny that different pictures were chosen as the best.

This has made it even more confusing for me now!

Here are some others I’m having problems choosing from.

Black and White or colour?

All these shots were taking on the same day.I am so glad it snowed.I’m dead chuffed with my efforts as it was my first month using a DSLR camera.I’d always used a point and shoot before.I can only choose 6 photos from December.

I need one from “a festive photo walk” But oh which one to choose.

Toni commented on my last blog post about whether I print my own photos.I have been unable to email you I posted a reply in the comments section of my last blog.I hope it helps you decide and here's a link to my blog post about my printer.

Here's my last page of JYC.

Boo Hoo.

I had this photo in mind from the beginning.I pretty much journalled what I wrote for my blog yesterday concerning my Word and goal for the year.

I hope you have enjoyed my version of Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas 2009.It was much easier than I thought it would be to keep up with.I couldn’t have done it without my new camera and printer.Initially putting the album together in October may have seemed like madness ,but it was a great help and I would recommend people to try it for themselves.


Rhona said...

Wow, you have tough choices, the photos are all lovely! Colour or black and white - I like both but I think I'd go for the colour one. I also really like the holly photo and the one of Teddy. That splash of red against the snow always makes it feel so festive. Good luck with your choices and thanks for sharing your journal - I've enjoyed reading the entries and seeing how your family have celebrated this year.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Another batch of fab photo's...I'd choose the B&W of the two, but then if the theme is a 'festive' walk then Teddy in a Santa suit has to be up there!

domestic goddess said...

love your word for 2010, thansk for teh website link, looks interesting!
I love the B&W winter shot best :)

See you soon
anna x

Scrappi Sandi said...

Me again!! That's OK...I nicked the neo counter widget from yours on Saturday!!


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