Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December 1st

Well,what’s happening?

Two blogs in one day???

But I have been sooo busy today.I “popped” to Cambridge(2 hours stuck in traffic) to buy my new printer.My husband had found one for me in Jessops.£50 cheaper than anywhere else.So off I went to get it.I had to carry it to the car park and it weighed 12kg!!!But the worse bit was when I checked my watch and I had 5 minutes to get to the car-park.Anyone who knows me well,will know I ran as fast as I could with a massive 12kg box.I was not paying £3.60 for 2 hours.I breathed a sigh of relief when I got there on time.Admittedly I can’t move my arms and my back is killing me ,but I saved £51.60 in all!!!

Here is the new sexy beast,just waiting for hubby to get me sorted.No not that ,the printer ,silly you.

It supposedly has ink that will last for at least a 100 years on photographs.Plus it does everything and is wireless.So I will never have to move from the snugly kitchen.

I have been experimenting with my cameras today as part of Cheryl's new photo project.Which was handy as I need photos for my Shimelle Journal.All the decorations have come down from the loft and I admit I have rather a lot.It takes me about a week to dress the house.So I have started with the fireplace in our main sitting room.

These are massive letters I bought yesterday in TKMaxx.They are really going to be for the wall in my new scrapbook room.I have lots more to add to this fireplace.

Also I spent hours making paper chains.I had seen some I wanted for my kitchen in Cath Kidston.But they had sold out.

So I bought some Cath Kidston wrapping paper and set about cutting hundreds of strips

They look really effective.

I just need some drawing pins to put them up.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Drawing pins in your beautiful kitchen? :0 !! I would have thought Blu-tack would be the order of the day!!!

I am loving those letters & the photo is fabulous..you really are getting to grips with your new toay aren't you!

I will be blogging a bit later...had a morning from hell to report, but the day got better from there! I also want to post my JYC pages daily starting with what I completed last year!

Anonymous said...

I have had a similar printer (Canon Pixma 6600) for three or four years. It prints wonderful photos and I love that it has feeding trays on top and bottom. Enjoy! Your photos are great!

domestic goddess said...

oo let me know what your new printer is like, i am so in need of a new one!


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