Monday, 12 October 2009

Well another 4 hours,trying to put on some links .But even my son can't put my slideshow on here.Its sitting all ready in photobucket.¤t=f2a7046a.pbw

I have a stiff neck today.Must be from catching a few ZZzzzzz on the way back from Sheffield yesterday.

After doing all my chores,I nipped to Scrap Revolution to buy yet more papers and have covered my Christmas journal.I am excitedly waiting for my etsy purchases and then I just have to wait until December!!!!!!

Hilary,kindly let me borrow her beautiful Christmas journal,and I have been enjoying sitting on my own working my way through it.I have to lock my neurotic puppy away otherwise there maybe only a pile of paper left.
Today Teddy has eaten a coat hanger,5 leaves,a stick,4 Tesco receipts and the paint off my new kitchen cupboard.Ah Bless him!!!!!
Each day is a new adventure for him.Uggs one day,Mums knickers another.I can't even have a bath in peace.He pops up over the side trying to lick the water off me.Once he even jumped in,thank God he hasn't repeated that again.

Anyway back to scrapbooking.I was hoping to finish my fairy layout from the Tempsford crop.But apparently my fairy wings are now behind my Husbands dashboard.When I asked him how they had got there,after safely sitting there all the way to Sheffield.It turns out he was testing his sport seats in his car????How you may ask.Well,driving 70MPH around a Stevenage roundabout is how.MEN????

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Aaaah! Bless him indeed!!! Talk about being prepared....can't believe you are all ready for the off!! LOL about the fairy wings....think it's best you make some more!! But that will entail buying some stickles which may be a stumbling block for you...they are about £2.45 after all!!!!! Sorry you're still having trouble with your links!...there is an award for you on my blog today!!


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