Sunday, 4 January 2015

Pom love

A year on from my brain surgery, and everything is amazing.
I am always super chilled now. My brain has definetly slowed down. I can sleep now like a normal person. I had no idea that I had a brain tumour for about 20 years. So all my symptoms were just the norm for me. Pain in my shoulder and neck, little neck mobility, non stop migraines and a brain that never rested. 
Until Christmas Eve this year, I had not had a single migraine or headache for almost an entire year. I was a little pissed off, when it started, as I wanted to reach the year mark. I think it was caused by a lack of sleep and food.

The lack of sleep was because of this little fella, Skokie........


He's the latest addition to our family.
I got to meet him in the flesh, in Dubai this Christmas. He's my sons puppy. He is so tiny, it's unreal. He is super fast and has the loudest, mind numbing bark. 
He wanted my attention 24/7, which resulted in me only getting a few hours sleep for nights on end. Hence a migraine. 
If only I knew the secret to keeping him still and quiet.......

Dressing him up in ridiculous clothes, resulted in him becoming silent and like a statue. Great for taking photos.


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