Monday, 26 November 2012

A test run :North Herts Portrait Photographer

 Ignore if possible.

This is just a test run blog. I am still trying to get to grips with blogging from a Mac.

My favourite blog writing platform is only usable on a Windows computer. Live Writer used to be so easy to use. I could change the size of my edited photos effortlessly. Now I'm trying to find out the size I need on my blog.

So this is a quick test from a recent shoot, of the same image at different sizes.

As you can see it's not easy taking photos of children !!!

Especially when it"s a dull damp day and the photographer isn't well!

Well it looks like my blog is 500 pixels wide. Half the amount I normally save my web images at. Hopefully one day I will have the time to work out, how to widen my blog posts. I did it years ago as part of a Shimelle blogging class. I may have to investigate again the ins and outs of my HTML blog !!

Dog gone easy:North Herts Portrait Photographer

I've had a manic month so far. Lot's of shoots, a trip to India and a cold/cough bug I just can't shake off.

Before I hit you with my India trip photos and commentary overload. I thought I would share with you the easiest shoot I have ever undertaken.

The subject didn't care about me editing his wrinkles or teeth. He didn't even mind that it started raining during the shoot.

Ok, he wasn't the most perfect model, in that I had to bribe him to sit still. But still I was thrilled with the quick results.

The photos are going to be a surprise Christmas present for his owner, Harri.

Harri has special needs and his dog is his best friend.

Meet Buster, the cutest dog ever.

and here's a collage of some of my favourite Buster poses.


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