Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn colour

The light is slowly going. In fact this week, it has been non existent due to fog. I have already had to cancel one shoot because of the lack of it. The clocks are changing this weekend and I will loose another hour.

On a recent walk with Teddy I found the most amazing patch of autumnal plants. As I had some shoots arranged for the coming weeks. I knew it would be perfect, it the light was on my side.

Our first attempt at a shoot was on a Wednesday evening. I met the three siblings at the edge of the land. Their mother had booked the shoot as a present for their father for Christmas. It had been hard to arrange a time when all three of them were able to be together for a shoot. Rachel the youngest is at University In Scotland and was only home for a few days, before Christmas.

As we met up, the sky darkened and after just 30 minutes the heavens opened and we had to make a run for it. So I only managed a few shoots.

The following Saturday morning was the only remaining time they were able to get together. It was a beautiful, crisp sunny morning. Not the golden hour I was trying for on the first shoot, so it was a lot more work trying to deal with the strong sunlight.

Their mum is coming this weekend to watch a slide show of their edited shoot images, to make some product choices.

When I look out of the window at this moment, I cannot believe this was just a few weeks ago. It's like winter has really set in now. 

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Scrappi Sandi said...

These photo's are stunning!...& surely you're gaining an hour this weekend? The clocks 'fall' back! But I don't think that'll help[ the light any!! See you soon! :D


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