Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The wildflower meadow: North Herts portrait photographer


I am so lucky to have the most perfect location for shoots right on my door step. It was looking beautiful a few weeks ago, full of buttercups and marguerites.

I had a nervous wait, watching the weather before Georgie and Drew arrived for their shoot. Just as they arrived the heavens opened. So instead of the planned picnic, they had their packed lunches in my kitchen and when the sun finally decided to come out, we popped over the road to the wildflower meadow.


Georgie has seen some shots in my portfolio, I had taken of Phoebe (here) and she loved the hat Phoebe wore so much, she wanted to wear one. Plus she loved my net tutu, Phoebe had worn and asked if she could wear it as well.

I wish I could so easily convert my daughter to my style of dressing. She likes to blend in !


I had visited the girls home, a few days prior to the shoot, to go through their wardrobes and pick out some clothes, I thought would work perfectly with the location I had in mind. Luckily they loved everything I picked for them to wear.



The girls came with their mum this week for their slideshow viewing. There was much arguing over the choices of photographs ordered. Teenage girls and their insecurities !

It would seem I am also making it very hard for people to choose from the images I edit. Everybody loves them all and have a hard time narrowing their choices down.



I have found the ones that the mums and I like, are the very ones the teenagers hate !

It’s a shame as us oldies know, they’ll look back on those insecurities years later and realise what a load of hog wash it was.






Now the sisters had very different personalities and it really shows in their individual portraits.

Meet Drew…….




Drew is still at that age, where she’s just up for fun. I gave them all a pad of paper to write down the numbers of their favourite photographs during their slideshow.

Drew had written down nearly every number.

She wanted them all.






It’s a shame as this one of the two girls together was one of mums favourites, but Georgie did not want it on their wall.


I ended up making large collages to keep everyone happy and some large individual prints of the girls.


edited for print (2)

In fact I have been so busy with shoots that I wrote this blog some weeks ago and forgot to post it. Since my first order was delivered for the above shoot. Mum has made another early Christmas present order.

I can provide the most perfect present for that tricky relative. A cute boxed, 6 x 4 wooden block with an image from your shoot. They come in many sizes, but I think the 6 x 4 look best on a mantelpiece.



If anyone is interested in booking me and my services, I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how affordable I am. In fact in the photography world, I am thought to be mad. Everyone I know thinks I am mad charging how little I do, even my previous customers !

But hey, some of us are different and keep to our principles. You don’t have to always pay a lot, to get something fabulous.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo's - I wish I lived closer and have my two girls photo's taken by you.

Keep up the great shots.



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