Sunday, 5 August 2012

Baldock Nursery school : North Herts Photographer


It’s so nice to be appreciated.

Recently, I was asked if I would take some pictures at my local nursery school. My children had gone to the very same school, many years ago. They had heard of my photography, from one of their teachers.


I was more than willing to “give back” , for the wonderful times my children had there.


It is a very unique nursery, in that it is built in a small wood, which the children are free to roam in. It was built in 1942. So the nursery are celebrating their 70th birthday this year. Along with the Queens Jubilee celebrations, they wanted to document this special time in the nursery's history.


So I went along during a very sunny day in June, to capture the children during the celebrations.

The Headmistress asked to see me after I had supplied them with all the edited photos on a disc. I was a wee bit nervous to be summoned to see the Head. I was nervous to why she wanted to specifically see me. But I needn't have worried. She had a tear in her eye when she said the pictures I had captured of the children were amazing. She was in awe as to how I had managed to capture lots of the children without them having noticed me.



She wanted to give me a generous donation towards photography equipment that I need. She also said, that I was welcome to use the nursery's woods for any photo-shoots in the future, and she would like me to go back in the new academic year, to think of a way I could photograph the children and offer my work to their parents.




This is the Headmistress standing with some children during the National Anthem. The children also sang along waving their Union Jack flags to Gary Barlow's Jubilee anthem “Sing”and then they tucked into special Jubilee cupcakes.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your photo shoot. You are very talented I love seeing your photo's. Good luck with the fall shoot.



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