Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Twice the trouble: North Herts Portrait Photographer

Some people can think that to have twins can be twice the trouble, but I got to photograph the most delightful new-born twins recently, who were twice the pleasure .

What makes them even more special is they are IVF twins and to add to their perfection, they are a boy and a girl.

What could be more perfect.


The alphabet bricks I bought in Chicago have come in handy on my shoots lately. An image like the one above, makes a great addition to a multi-frame of photographs, as you’ll see below.


The twins were so good and with the warmth of the room and the continuous white noise from a fantastic iPad app I have. They didn’t stir at all.

I was sweating buckets, as it was a rare, hot sunny day.



Little Ryan was so laid back, and nothing would wake him. I managed to catch him having a cute smile.

Every new-born photographers dream.


The twins mum found an amazing frame, so a collection of images for the shoot could be ordered. The frame was huge and was the length of a 3 seater sofa !


I look forward to meeting this delightful family as the twins grow up.

It was so lovely to have created a lasting memory for them.


Scrappi Sandi said...

That 'smiling' pic is just perfect!! :D

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous photos. Such adorable babies and you certainly did a grand job. I love twins. We had twin girls near us when we grew up - we called them 'the twinni-bobs!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo's - you did a great job.


Denise said...

Beautiful - as always.You've captured them really well.:-)

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! :-)


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