Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The secret is out : North Herts Portrait photographer


We had a wonderful afternoon here in Baldock, with Jennifer and Dwight when they travelled up from London for a photo-shoot. A relative of theirs had seen my work and recommended me as the perfect photographer to capture them in this exciting new stage in their life.

Jennifer is pregnant and wanted some images of them as a couple before their life changes forever, with a new baby.


They were such a prefect couple and were so natural in front of the camera. I hardly had to direct them. Even their clothing choices were perfect. Especially in the environments I had planned to shoot them in.


I had wanted to shoot them in the bluebell wood, but sadly the bluebells were not looking at their best, but a rapeseed field near my home would be a perfect backdrop.  I had received lots of comments on a photography workshop when I posted a photograph of my son in such a field. It would seem our yellow fields, that are in abundance here in Hertfordshire, are not a normal site in the States. So what could be better than putting an American couple in a typical British field.




I suggested to Jennifer and Dwight that we could include a little announcement capture that they could share on their Facebook pages. It was posted on their Facebook page yesterday.

Yep, they found out this week they are having a little girl.


I look forward to getting together with them again soon. Poor Jennifer has been having trouble choosing what images she would like, she loved them all !


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