Tuesday, 31 July 2012

PMLE : North Herts portrait photographer


I hope everyone enjoyed our rare days of hot weather last week. We made the most of it, as our daughter Tasmin was away sailing in the South of France.

We packed up a picnic and headed to our favourite beach in Norfolk. Holkum beach.


We took Teddy with us. But he is worse than taking a toddler, he never rested once for the 2 hour journey or his time on the beach. He sat in a hole dug in the sand, waiting in case any of his beloved leaves came flying past. He has OCD bad, and spends his whole life outdoors looking for leaves ?

This was the only day I was out in the sun, as I suffer from Polymorphous light eruption. I don’t normally get it in England, just when I am on a beach holiday, but my hands and one arm are extremely uncomfortable covered in itchy, red bumps. My son’s body is also covered in Urticaria. So we are a right pair. Popping antihistamines.

A sensitive sun cream ( here) from Australia I ordered, has just arrived ready for my trip to India later in the year. Part of the problem I have with the rash, is it is aggravated by applying sunscreen. But of course, to block the suns rays, I have to apply it. This blocks my pores and just makes it all worse. I’ve found in the past applying pure coconut oil helps a lot.  I’ve tried pre trip medication from the Drs, I’ve had special sunscreen on prescription, but I normally have to apply steroid creams and just wait until it passes.

If anyone has any tips for my annoying problem, I would love to hear from you.

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