Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Great news


My niggly leg pains, in what I call my “good leg”, seem to have disappeared. I feel perfectly “normal” at the moment. Just like I used to, before my back decided to give up on me in 2009.

My ALIF operation last October has been a great success. I am so glad I went ahead with it. In fact the pain I lived with, is just becoming a distant memory. I feel though, I am forever changed by it. I rarely go out now, and I used to be quite a shopaholic, but I am happy just staying in pottering about. Trying to improve with my editing skills and photography techniques.

I had my last appointment with my surgeon recently. I had a CT scan, which was a first for me. I got to bring home a CD of all the images of my insides. I thought I would share with you my nuts and bolts.

It looks like I have a plug in my back now.




It’s so weird to think that is inside me. From the day of the operation I have never felt as if anything has gone on in my back. Not one twinge or discomfort in that area. I think it massively helped that my surgeon used a rare approach of putting the metal work in, via the front of my body. I just had abdomen surgery to get over.


I did receive a report of the CT scan findings. It wasn’t all good news as they could see evidence of more degenerative spine problems, but I will just wait and see, and deal with that if it ever happens. I still have another year and a half before the bone graft will have completely covered the problem area. But to feel so well so soon, has been a great revelation.

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