Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cutie pie : North Herts Portrait Photographer


The new-borns I have photographed this year have all been within the first two weeks of their life's. This is considered the optimum time to get lovely relaxed images of a new-born. New-borns are generally, much more sleepy and “ bendy” during this period.

However, I recently was contacted to take some photos of an 8 week old little girl.


Her mum said she was a very relaxed laid back baby and that she should sleep through the session.

Of course she didn’t.

I managed to grab a few images of her asleep in the first few minutes.



IMG_4517-001 copy

IMG_4505-001 copy

But then she woke up, and wriggled through out the rest of session.


that meant her limbs were flying all over the place.

We tried a different approach and took her outside to grab some shoots in the meadows.







Mum was so pretty, I grabbed a few of her on her own as well.






It’s always interesting to see what photographs people order after their sessions.

I always have my favourites, but everyone sees things differently.

I loved this image so much that I ordered a large, blow up of it for my portfolio wall.  I choose to order it in a special photo paper- Fuji colour Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper. It has embedded pearl like crystals, which produce a high gloss reflectance in the highlights.

I knew the bubble that Amalie is blowing would look perfect, printed with this paper.

IMG_4477-001 copy

Amalies parents bought images to put in a multi aperture frame they  had found in TK Maxx, and a larger image that will go in a matching frame.

Sadly, they didn’t buy my favourite shot above.

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