Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Summer short break in London:North Herts Portrait Photographer

Hubby had a week away from home, working at The Farnborough Air Show.  I was lucky enough to join him for a few days, at the end of the week.

This year Hubby had chose a different hotel, to the one his company normally stay at, in Mayfair, London. We had checked it out earlier in the year. The St James Hotel and Club was amazing. It’s perfectly located for everywhere you would want to go in London.

It has a back entrance that goes straight out to Green Park



add in a Michelin Star restaurant. I put on a couple of pounds in the short stay there. I think that was from the breakfast alone.


( that’s hubbys healthier looking breakfast)

Hubby was out in the evening, with all his work colleagues who had flown in for the air show. So I made my own plans.

I arranged to meet Jennifer and Dwight in the hotel, to give them their photo order from our earlier shoot (here) and (here)


They are going to be leaving our shores soon and returning to Texas. It’s a shame, as they were such a lovely couple, and I was looking forward to meeting their new arrival, due later this year.

The weather forecast was dire. Torrential rain was forecast for my entire stay. I headed out with an umbrella and mac, and set off for Greenwich. It was somewhere I hadn’t explored before, and I must say somewhere I won’t bother visiting again. I got to explore Canary Wharf on the way there.


2012 July London hotel stay

There were so many things I was tempted by at the food market, but I was still so stuffed from breakfast. I only bought a passion fruit curd tart, that I ate that evening after dinner.

Because it stayed dry, I decided to risk the rain showers and take a boat up the Thames to Westminster. It takes about an hour, and I got to see parts of the Thames I hadn’t seen before.


You get to pass iconic images of London and see them from a different angle.






We are so lucky to have been given the opportunities we have with Hubbys work. We never take it for granted ever.

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