Sunday, 24 June 2012

Iceland 2012: North Herts Portrait photographer


It was a spur of the moment thing, that resulted in us booking a short break to Reykjavik, Iceland. We used to travel so much before my spine problems, but the fact I couldn’t sit down, put paid to a lot of our travelling in 2010- 2011. I have now been given a clean bill of health and signed off from my surgeon. My bone graft in my spine is doing very nicely and I just have another year and a half to recover fully and be as good as new !


We left England on what was going to be the hottest weekend of the year. We arrived at a grey, drizzly Iceland .

Great !

It’s a bit of luck I don’t really like it hot, so I was glad to be away from the oppressive heat of our house. But as it turned out the sun came out for us, when it really mattered in our trip. Above is the views from the shore right outside our hotel.

Reykjavik is so small. It’s centre is not really more than a few streets. We got to know it very well over our 4 days there.



More people live in my home town of Stevenage than live on the whole of Iceland. It also doesn’t ever get that cold there and has a pretty constant temperature. I bet that surprises you !


We went whale watching, and got the giggles when I said to Chris that someone had dropped their peanuts on the boat deck. He pointed out to me, that it was in fact a poor old blokes muesli from his earlier breakfast. We had made sure we had taken travel sickness pills, I bet he wished he had.


We then went to the Blue Lagoon. A geothermal spring in the middle of the biggest volcanic landscape I have ever seen. Chris said it was the most expensive bath he had ever had, to the coach driver. At 80 Euros it was a bit steep. We both got so sunburnt from the reflection off the sun on the water.

In fact a familiar eggy smell from the baths has just wafted up to me, here at my desk?……. Low and behold it’s Teddy farting away in his sleep below me. It’s the same yucky sulphur smell. Chris moaned everyday after his shower about the smell from the tap water. I steered clear of it, I didn’t want to waft of that smell all day, thank you very much.

Just off the main high street in Reykjavik is the most amazing graffiti. It covered a lot of the buildings and looked like most of it was done by the same artist.



What a great backdrop for an urban style photo shoot.

We got to see Iceland's famous geysers and waterfalls. The split in the earth you can see in the image below is where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are moving .  This is what creates all the volcanic activity on the island. The evidence is all around you when you are there.



and of course I couldn’t finish this post without including an image of Chris wearing a beautiful Icelandic woollen hat. It’s a shame it was so expensive, I mean doesn’t he look dashing with a moustache and a beard……. LOL


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