Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chicago and a runaway model/ North Herts Portrait Photographer


Now, not a runway model but a run-a-away model.

I got to shoot our great friend Gino’s family whilst we were in Chicago.


But boy was Gianna hard to shoot. We had a beautiful golf course as our backdrop, and a rare sight for me, a beautiful sunset. Along with a vintage fire truck and some props bought by me.

But I had to work my socks off to keep up with her.



I gave up for a while and shoot Gianna’s beautiful mother Joanne


as you can see, they have another little one on the way soon. Another little girl.


and then I took a few shoots of the legendary Gino. Who is a great friend of our Brit, Gary Barlow. If only they could have joined us here for the Jubilee celebrations we might have got VIP tickets for the concert Gary is giving the Queen tomorrow.


I even finally got to meet Gino’s poor dad, Nino who takes in all my endless piles of parcels. Poor man, I don’t think he realised what he was letting himself in for when he said, I could send A parcel to his address.


I put a My Publisher book together for them, here. Gino said it bought a tear to his eye. Aahh.

I can’t recommend this photobook company enough. I have made several books with them and it is so easy and they are amazing. I wish we could get the deals for them here in the UK. They offer amazing discounts all the time in the States.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm back!!! Can't wait to hear about your Iceland trip! Some amazing pics here...isn't Gino like his Dad?!!! Looks like your Jubilee day in London was a good one...LOL at Tasmin & Liz!! See you on the 30th if not before! :D


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