Friday, 22 June 2012

All the way from Texas: North Herts Portrait photographer

I have been so busy lately, I just haven’t had the spare time to blog. At this moment I am waiting for some children to arrive for a shoot. The car is all packed up, so I thought I’d start this blog post.

A month ago I attended a Jinky Art workshop in West Sussex. It’s fair to say I didn’t have the greatest of times. I became ill on the day I left and deteriorated over the three days.  Add to that disappointment about the workshop, weather and other things that happened I haven’t felt in the mood to blog about it. I thought that maybe it was just me and my high expectations, and I came home and deleted the feedback email and just put it all down to a lesson learned. But it turned out I wasn’t the only one disappointed. This is all really for another blog post, as I still am a little hot under the collar about it. So I decided I would give them feedback after all.

It turns out Barbs assistant has informed me that mine was the worst feedback they have ever received ! I received a reply to mine from Barb’s husband ! Any way that’s all for another post. I haven’t even looked at the photos from the workshop or edited any of them yet.

I came home thinking I didn’t want to be part of this “ professional photographer ” profession. I had major issues with the pricing that was talked about. So I decided that I was going to put away my camera for good . But I had some shoots already booked, and I am never one to let anyone down. so I went ahead with them.

It was already arranged that a Texan couple, Jennifer & Dwight who live and work in London, would be bringing their two beagles for a “family” style shoot. I arranged some beautiful locations and we talked a lot in emails before the day arrived. Sadly, just days before the shoot, one of the dogs was diagnosed with terminal cancer.


It was a beautiful warm Saturday that Jennifer, Dwight ,Tye and Teddy arrived in Baldock. Tye was too ill to be taken to some of the locations, so we used the beautiful nature reserve opposite my home. He picked up during the shoot and enjoyed walking along the trail.


Sadly, Tye had to be put to sleep on the Monday after the shoot. It felt wonderful that I had been able to capture some beautiful images of Tye and his family for them to treasure for always.

It restored my faith in working as a photographer. It wasn’t about the money for me. Yes, I put in LOTS of unseen hours before and after a shoot. Hours, that I think people would be shocked if they knew how long I sit at my computer editing. I do get why people charge for this. But for me at the moment it’s about sharing my skill with a camera and being able to offer amazing photographs, that are within everyone's grasp.


Anyway the crux of it is. I didn’t get the planned photography business website or domain name for my birthday. I just didn’t want to continue down that route. After deciding that a photography business wasn’t for me, I was asked several times in that week alone, if I could be booked for shoots. So I did the shoots, and I am still getting bookings.


But I am doing things my way. No pushing myself and putting myself “out there” networking. I am charging what I am happy with. No big framed sales or expensive albums. But lots of one to one help with fashion styling, make up and how to get the best from the photographs from their sessions. I am know for my use of inexpensive design ideas in my home and my own personal style. So I am putting that into practice advising my clients how best to display their images in their homes.

At the moment I am happy with the way things are going. The moment it is all about “ business” is no doubt the day I stop. For me it’s about meeting lovely new people, that I can capture at their best and allow them to record the memory in an inexpensive, affordable way.


Michelle said...

Beautiful blog post! Nicely put and so happy that you found a happy medium (bit like me!) between the high priced money hound style and the just happy to be able to take the photos and put your style in them.

Scrappi Sandi said...

What a lovely thing to do for that couple & their dogs...truly a memory to treasure! Gorgeous photo's & I look forward to hearing all about 'that' course & it's follow up soon! Will you be at Ifa's on the 30th? Or maybe we can do coffee one morning next week? It's so long since we've got together that one session may not be enough!!! LOL!! :D

Dawn said...

So sorry your weekend away didn't turn out as you expected but I'm pleased to hear you are going with your instincts and doing it your way, after all maybe your way is the best way! I know you don't want them but I'm still sending you hugs xx

Anonymous said...

It is really too bad things didn't go as you expected. You are a talented photographer and you need to keep it up doing it your way. You'll enjoy it so much more. And I for one love see your photo's.


Anonymous said...

The photos were wonderful and how lovely for the couple that they have the photos to remind them of their dog. So sad, and I'mg/k not even 'into' dogs!
Your decision to do things your way is the right way - I for one love your photos!!


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