Monday, 7 May 2012

JinkyArt workshop/ North Herts portrait photographer


In a weeks time I will be driving down to Sussex to join 14 fellow photographers from across Europe to meet one of the Worlds best photographers, Barb Uil of JinkyArt. She is on a 2012 World tour and will not be heading this way at all for the foreseeable future.

I booked the workshop, as something for me to look forward to during my rehab from my spine operation. I don’t really know what I was thinking. It is an expensive course , so it attracted only professional photographers, and not serious hobbyists like me. I am the only one who is really new to it all. So I am more than a little bit nervous.  Add to the mix, I am staying away at a B & B separate to all the other attendees. That’s a typical me ! Ending up on my own , miles away from the group,  feeling left out !

Plus, our food is being provided for the three days. This adds more problems to the mix for me, with my weird Selective Eating Disorder. I doubt there will be anything for me to eat, at any of the meals. I don’t eat sandwiches, salads, vegetables or fruit. And more! Buffets are always a trial for me and I normally end up with just some crisps. Not a huge problem when it’s one meal, but over three days, a big hungry problem.

Anyway, we have been set some homework. I completed my self portrait and told the group about the “real me”.

I also had to make a collage of some of my best work or photos that represented my style. I went with an A4 collage with just 5 images. Some of the girls have had the same size printed, with 16 images !


I went with this simple mix. It shows , hopefully a good variation of my true style.

Essentially my first love is a close up with SHARP eyes and shining catchlights.


I think this image of Luke, I took for his 21st Birthday is by far my favourite image I have ever taken.

Weirdly, another favourite image of mine is of my Niece, Jade and it was taken in the exact same spot.


My classic headshot style also went in the mix.




Then I made some collages to showcase some of my shoots.

2012 Zara edits-002Barb workshop 8x108x10

8x10Starred Photos

I have a few more 8 x10s all ready for my 1-1 with Barb. I also have to write some answers, to some deep probing questions, to talk to Barb about. But I am leaving those for the moment.

So my list making has started. I have printed my route maps out. It’s just a slow, nail biting wait until next week now.

It will be interesting to see , what I feel like when I return from the Workshop. Buzzing and inspired, or overwhelmed. I think it will be a mix.

One thing for certain, I bet I will get serious camera envy, when I am up against all those full frame camera bodies, with their L lenses.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

I can't believe that my head shot is in the mix, alongside all the other impossbly gorgeous or cute subjects!! I'm sure that when you see your work alongside your fellow classmates you'll realise your skills are in no way inferior! Why are you staying seperately to the others btw?


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