Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hertfordshire photographer in the making

I have been so busy lately organising shoots and trying to come up with interesting ways to capture people.

Little Zara was just a babe in arms when I last saw her, here.

I luckily was asked to shoot her 7 month chubbiness again. Easter was on its way. So I threw in some bunny ears, to add to her photo mix.

IMG_0371-001 copy 2

I used the nature reserve opposite my home again. Daffodils were coming up in small batches, and I thought they could be a perfect backdrop for her.

IMG_0448-001 copy 3

Zara was a star model, but she would never look at the camera. She liked to ignore me and her mum. It didn’t matter what we did.

We had a little audience watching our shenanigans.  A group of volunteers working on the reserve and an elderly lady who sat on a bench to watch us.


As Zara's mum had to run off to pick up her son Leo from nursery. We snatched a few minutes indoors.  After a nappy change Zara was raring to go.

2012 Zara edits

Farayi loves the enlargement I have had printed of Zara's collage and wants to invest in one for her new home. She thinks it is time for me to start charging for all my hard work. She has friends making enquiries about me and wanting me to photograph their families.

So I am making tentative steps to dip my toes into the business world. I know I can come up with the goods when it comes to photography, but I don’t have a business bone in my body.  My years of working in schools with children and as a carer, mean I have umpteen patience and an ability to engage people of all ages.

The problem is I don’t like to put myself “out there ”. I prefer a low key way of doing things. I’m not about shouting from the roof tops, that you should have me photograph your family. I would prefer people come to me by word of mouth or after seeing my work.

I have finally found a brilliant professional photo printers and I love the work I have had printed by them. I will be sharing more in a future blog.

Unfortunately, Zara’s brother Leo, shoot had to be cancelled as he came down with tonsillitis and then chicken pox. But I managed to catch up with him one evening last week.

Leo’s fun adventures in the woods are to follow in a future blog.


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Scrappi Sandi said...

Playing catch up on the last two posts & WOW!! Some stunning portraits & how gorgeous is little Zara?!! Do you know, I think if you just let your friends pass out some business cards, 'word of mouth' will indeed have your appointment diary (& bank account) filling up in no rooftop shouting required t all! Your photography skills speak for themselves! I'm very proud of my uber talented friend!! :D


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