Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hertfordshire bluebells

I have been keeping a check on a local bluebell wood for some weeks.

I dragged my son, Ryan there with me on one of my checks. It meant I could fully explore the woods without feeling threatened on my own.

Even he had to admit the wood looked stunning. Both of us couldn’t believe we had lived so close to it for years and had never been inside. We had just admired them from the car.

IMG_5017 On the way I made him jump out of the car, dodging the rain to stand for me in a rapeseed field.




As was walked deeper into the woods, we were amazed to come across a group of bikers practicing stunts in a massive dip in the wood. They have been digging out jumps for weeks.


We stood chatting to them for over an hour. Ryan said he wished he had known it was there when he was younger.

I’ll share some of the amazing photos I managed to get of them attempting the jumps in another blog post.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Great pics of Ryan & is it me or are the bluebells late this year? :D


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