Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hertfordshire bikers

In-between the rain this week, my son and I went for a walk in a local bluebell wood here in Hertfordshire.

IMG_5183 copy

There deep in the wood were a group of bikers. They vastly differed in age and you could see they were really passionate about their sport and the spot they had found.

There was some competition on the photography front there. Two of them were taking photos of the jumps to put on the web.



Their jumping was amazing and they were fearless.





When I returned the next day I was amazed to see they had built a log den. I would like to think they built it just for me, as they knew I was returning. But I am sure it was as shelter from the rain that poured all day.


But it sure came in useful for my next two shoots.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Nathan loved these photo's & wants to know where the wood is!! I tried to tell him that I didn't think the track would work as well for skateboard or scooter, but he just said that he'd take his BMX instead!! Shame you couldn't get Ryan onto one of the bikes!! Now that'd be a photo shoot deal! :D


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