Thursday, 19 April 2012

Frida Kahlo inspired

I can’t remember if I have shared any of these  upcoming shots on my blog before.

My friends daughter Phoebe is really in to photography. She has a real natural talent for capturing interesting views of the World. She has already entered a competition, hoping to win a shoot with David Beckham !

In February when she was home from boarding school, she came to stay with me for a couple of days, so that I could teach her a few things.

IMG_7855 copyfb

IMG_7918 copyfb

I’ve just had this one printed at a professional photo printers. It’s been blown up and it looks stunning.

Well, Phoebe came to stay with me again this week. The weather was a bit iffy. But I had a couple of styled shoots in mind.

I had seen some amazing shots of a child's, Frida Kahlo inspired shoot. I LOVE Frida Kahlos eclectic, personal style.  I knew I had the perfect backdrop in my bedroom wallpaper. So I suggested it to Phoebe and she jumped at the chance.


I have been lucky enough to have seen some of Fridas original paintings at The National Museum of Mexican Art  in Chicago. I dragged Hubby there once when I heard they had a picture on loan. Madonna is a serious collector of Fridas art.

When I was looking for clothes and jewellery to use in the shoot. It would seem I have been channelling Frida for quite a while. I had an abundance of my own clothes to choose from. I think I may be her reincarnated. Hopefully without the unibrow and moustache!

I made some tissue paper pom poms and put together a head dress from flowers I had to hand. We also settled down the night before the shoot to watch a Salma Hayek film on Fridas life. Phoebe said it was a total waste of two hours of her life!

The film was a bit bizarre, I must admit.


Phoebe HATES this shot, but weirdly I choose it to edit as she hates it when I make her smile !  I have about another 300+ to choose from , thank goodness.


Would you believe it was dark as anything in my bedroom. It was dull, grey and pouring with rain outside. I had to bounce as much light as I could around the small corner we were working in. I still had to shoot with a fast lens, a high ISO and use a tripod.

I did all the make up and styling for this Kahlo inspired shoot. Phoebe was glad to have the flowers unclipped from her hair. I heard she had a headache later that night !


Lots more to come of my time shooting Phoebe and a bit of Tasmin thrown in.

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