Sunday, 29 April 2012



I was lucky enough to fly to Chicago last week.

Along with London, it is my most favourite city in the World.


                                          I spent breakfast everyday in Panera. Always with a cinnamon scone on order and a Pepsi to undo my sleeping tablets.



Hubby was working all week, so we had just Sunday to spend together. We caught up with a work colleague of his, Mirela and her family.


We got to watch Cerasela at her ice skating practice and then had a little photo-shoot outside. It was very cold and I made them undo their jackets to make it look a bit warmer.

This was my favourite image of Cerasela that I took. Her mum, had told me she hates having her photo taken, but after the shoot she said, to her mum,“ that was cool !”IMG_6770

Then we headed downtown to Molly’s cupcakes.


Chris said his peach concoction was the best cupcake he had ever tasted.

Then we headed to Lincoln Park, to check out the Conservatory.

IMG_6811-0012012 April Chicago

I mean that’s what old people do isn’t it ?

Then we had a walk around the zoo and I caught this funny shot.


He was a right show off……..

And here was another one.


and she didn’t have any knickers on !!!!!!!!

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Scrappi Sandi said...

**Sigh** Another batch of stunning photo's & some of them brought back great memories!! How lovely that Cerasela enjoyed the photo shoot...your reputation as a photographer will be interntionally renowned!! Now you're back, we must get together soon....I'm off for a new experience tomorrow!! Will fill you in when I see you!! :D


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