Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Impersonating Sue Bryce

that was me the other day. I had spent over three days watching the amazingly talented, glamour photographer, Sue Bryce on Creative Live. She was very down to earth, and made everything look so easy.

I got to thinking- I can do that.

I mean I am a make up artist by trade. And part of the “Sue Bryce” experience is being made up and then photographed using and diffusing light. So I gathered everything I needed, and bought another white board. Sue only uses huge white foam boards, but I couldn’t find any here locally. So I had to make do with much smaller ones for now.


Everything about Sue Bryce reminded me of me. She is dark like me and carrying a bit of extra weight ( see her talking about her kit here). It was like osmosis watching her and I for my shoot became Sue !

I popped on my black wrap around dress and put my hair up and out of the way.

Voila- I was channelling Sue.


I just needed a model. Well that was easy, I have people queuing up to be shot by me at the moment. I knew Amy would be perfect, she had just gone to a burlesque ball and had a lovely new Basque.



I shot in Raw and Jpeg and I am just learning to edit the Raw captured ones. These are just a selection of the images I captured of Amy. I am still slowly working on the others in Lightroom. I keep coming across ones I can’t wait to edit. But I must be patient and knuckle down and learn a whole new way of editing.


This one, below was everyone's favourite over on Facebook, but like I said I have a lot more up my sleeve. Plus I was having problems with my screen calibration, so the colours are off in these and they all need to be re-edited.


I have a Pin board here of a lot of the poses I tried and am going to be trying in an upcoming shoot. I haven’t finished channelling Sue just yet.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Just playing post-op catch up! It's all looking great! So glad you had a great early Mothers Day out...fab shots there...& these glamour shots of Amy are stunning! :)


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