Sunday, 4 March 2012


I received a lovely email from the owner of Grove Cottages to thank me for the blog post I wrote about the cottage Queenie we stayed in. Someone has kindly referred to my blog in their recent booking.

I have been so busy lately with photography that I hadn’t gotten around to sharing some of my images I captured during our little break. It was freezing cold and their was still a lot of snow on the ground.

On the way there we came across, this awesome shop selling old wash tubs. Who knows after JinkyArts workshop I will be no doubt wanting one. Barb has worked with children sat in them numerous times.


Lets hope I won’t want one, I just don't want anymore junk in my home.

I was trying to cover a few assignments for Karen Russell's Photography workshop.

This was for one covering exposure compensation and overriding what your camera thinks is the perfect exposure.


I think this tree looked pretty cool, so I shot it from lots of angles. This was the exposure I took that I felt showed the tree and background at its best. This is SOOC (stright out of camera) which we have to post all our images in on the course. 

This was another one from the same assignment of an image I took in full manual mode.


I used lots of composition styles on this. It covers a rule of thirds and leading lines and tells the story of where we were

On the way back to the cottage on the first day, the sun was setting and I looked to my left and saw the most amazing sight. In a snow covered field were men harvesting turnips.


I got hubby to turn the car around and I jumped out of the car and poked my lens through a hole in the hedge.

I was shooting the seagulls along the sea front and I was tickled pink to have captured this one.



and then I managed to capture this bird as the sun was setting over the sea. IMG_0790-001webHubby stayed in the car while I froze on the sea front to capture all these.




My friend had told me I must check out The Snape Malting's. I googled it and put it on our itinerary. But the internet didn’t do it justice. It was my shopping heaven. I bought one or two things. I must admit.





These suitcases were calling me, but I was  very good and resisted.


But the one thing that kept calling me back was a vintage vase. It was among some of my favourite design pieces by Pip Studios. I have quite a few of their bits, and if they sold clothes I would be dressed in them as well.



So hubby kindly bought it for me. He said there was something about it that even he liked. It is so my home and can sit in lots of my rooms.

We had such a wonderful time on our three days away in Suffolk.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are fantastic. I know (and love) Aldeburgh very well and you have captured it beautifully. Absolutely love the two seagulls image - like two love birds. I love the shell sculpture (and have some great photos I took myself but I am a real novice). Good job !

kym said...

Hi the pictures..Snape Malting is so amazing I always feel the need to buy something when I go there..We are up in suffolk for easter so will no doubt go there..kym

Antonia said...

I am open-mouthed at these photos, Karen. They are truly beautifully stunning.
PS Please don't tell anyone that I paid you a compliment!


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