Thursday, 8 March 2012

25 Beautiful Homes

Someone reminded me the other day about our feature in the interiors magazine. I had totally forgotten about it and hadn’t ever checked out any of the editions since the shoot in September.

So today I went in our local Tesco's and picked up Aprils edition. I aimlessly flicked through. There were lots of Edwardian and Victorian homes just like ours. I kept thinking I had spotted ours. Just as I was about to put it down, something caught my eye. It was my spotted cushions and footstool I had made. Typical the magazine were supposed to contact me when our feature went out.

IMG_9856web-001 Aprils is a really great edition, with lots of amazing homes. I think it is the best magazine out there for inspiration for your home. I love it that they are real peoples homes.


I was pleased to see they went with my afternoon tea idea in the garden. I would have been pissed off to have seen me sat in our conservatory.


I still get angry when I see the above shot of our main sitting room. I had told the stylist I did not want a set up with a tea pot and cups, but she insisted. They also piled up a pile of crap old books and a 24 year old baby photo album !

I still think my large coffee table looks better how I style it, with candles and a huge orchid display. But Hubby and Tasmin would love to have the sofas how they dressed them. I put the cushions on so deep you can hardly sit on the sofas. Even Teddy knocks them off to make room.


Tasmin will be pleased to see her room featured. It’s the one room I’d like to redecorate. I want it more colourful and Pip Studios do some lovely bed linen and wallpaper. The only thing is, it’s just like Tasmin used to have in our other houses when she was growing up.

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