Sunday, 26 February 2012

window dressing

was something I was always interested in doing when I was at school. I even went and looked around a college that you could take the course in. But I had no desire to drive, and didn’t until I was 25+. So I couldn’t work out how I was going to get there. It turned out my first choice of career in make-up was also to be put on hold for another 10 years after leaving school.

But styling things has always been my passion. Every day I style each room and set them, as if they are about to be in a magazine. Even though I know, that no one is going to see them. My house is styled for much longer than me. I couldn't care less what I look like. The only time I have ever left my home in a mess , was the day I happened to be burgled and the police had to photograph the rooms. I was mortified !! Bloody typical.

My bedroom back in the house I grew up in, was always immaculate. Every Saturday I would tidy everything within an inch of it’s life. Every piece of clothing was on its correctly numbered hanger. (My sister stole my clothes !) So as I have gotten older and my own style of designing my homes has evolved , people always ask me for advice about their own homes. I often get asked why I don’t do interior design as an occupation. But I just feel I would hate to have to compromise on my ideas and I doubt people would want to go along with everything I choose. And they would have to for me to feel fulfilled.


So recently I have spent time at my friends large Manor House. She recently took it over after her MIL died. Years ago, I nursed her mother and then later became her friend and general dogs body. We have such similar eclectic colourful taste in clothes and interiors. But there the similarities end. She finds it hard to throw anything away. And buys far toooooooo much to fit in her rooms. Now she has 7 bedrooms and too many other rooms to mention. Lets just say the house is rather large (and full).

IMG_9067-001 copy

She asked me if I would be willing to photograph and style all of the bedrooms and some of the downstairs rooms. They are hoping to rent some of the bedrooms out for the Olympics and for B & B. Her son had already photographed the rooms and put them on a website. HERE. (you will notice he used one of my photographs from the fox hunt I took there recently  )

I was horrified when I saw the website. Who would ever want to stay in rooms that looked like that ?

Now you tell me, did I make the rooms look more desirable ?

We filled her car with props from my home and I got down to hours of hard work. Moving furniture, dusting and remaking LOADS of beds…..

edited for print

Now it was weird styling some of the rooms , as when I moved homes, there were things I no longer needed or felt suited my new Edwardian house. Trish bought most of my old furnishings from me. We had lots of the same fabrics. So some of my old curtains were made into blinds for her. Again people who have been to my past homes may recognise my props from this home and things I sold on to Trish.

edited for print-001




Recognise that chair or all the handmade ( by me ) cushions ?







edited for print-005

edited for print-004

IMG_9234-001 copy

Does anyone remember this beautiful elephant print from Jane Churchill  I had in two of my previous homes.. I still LOVE it to this day.



Even her morning room got a quick makeover whilst Trish was cooking me some lunch.

IMG_9163 copy

Lets just say being tidy isn’t one of Trish's strong points……

And then I piled a huge mountain of cushions up behind me and did a quick shot of her drawing room.


In fact I wish I had done some pull back shots of the mess behind me in each shot. I have to keep telling poor Trish that sometimes less is more. And that it’s time to throw away some of those old dirty cushions from 18 years ago !! Believe me I know the second I left that beautiful home, all the clutter was returned to the rooms.

So did you check out some of the rooms before on here ? Didn’t I work my bollocks off.

Well if I had some !


andrea said...

omg i cannot believe the difference hope they change the photos on the web site but then if the rooms are rented there would be a problem as they would need your props back !

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Oh, my, I think you're right. I would never have stayed at the "before" place, but LOVE the new looks you designed! You hae such a gift.

kym said...

My god Karen she really needed your usual you have made everything look amazing..the morning room is a lovely colour though..xx


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