Friday, 3 February 2012

The sh*t photographers say.

I was listening to the funniest video last night. Hubby moaned through it all as he was trying to listen to some crap on the TV.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have ever said or thought any of these quotes, but I am afriad I am now guilty of doing just that. Here is the video link.

Take yesterday it was –4. I had dragged Kerri, my sons girlfriend, out for a delightful cream tea. I didn't mention, until it was too late for her to refuse, that she would be sat in a deckchair outside !

I took blankets to keep us warm, but when we arrived, not one person was sat outside. That is the first time, in all the years I have been going there that the orchard was empty. One look from Kerri at the bird shit on the deckchairs and there was no way she was sitting on one of them !


So we sat indoors, with me looking out at all the beautiful light raining down on the orchard.

I snatched a quick few shots with my new big boy L lens, and then Kerri took a few shots of me. It was interesting to see how sharp my images were, as I know how to hold the camera steady. Kerri’s were almost all out of focus, because of camera shake.

On Karen Russell's workshop forum. We even have a post labelled

“The sh*t people say to us.”

Like “Wow, your camera takes amazing photos. “

Hey, NO,  I  take amazing photos.

Karen summed it up exactly with a quote "A great camera didn't take a great photo any more than a great typewriter wrote a great novel."

After our cream tea I took Kerri to another place, I love to look around and shoot at. As we were hurrying back to the car to get out of the freezing conditions. I saw the most amazing light.

Kerri was just interested in getting back in the car to get warm. But I was super excited to shoot that light and the surroundings. It made me wish I had a family just sat there waiting for their shoot. I made her pose for a few shoots even though I couldn’t feel my fingers.



And then I had to give in to the pleads and we got back in the car.

While all around me was the most amazing golden hour light. Insert, tears here.



Scrappi Sandi said...

Those are stunning photo's of Kerri! Wish her luck for her new job from me!! I love that quote about the camera & the typewriter, sums it up perfectly!! That last photo of the tree seat is just gorgeous...very restful...just what I need right now!! :)

Amanda said...

Gorgeous photos and I LOVE the Orchard in Cambridge, their scones are the best! (I'm jealous!) I hope that all is good with you xx

Andrea said...

i would have posed for a cream tea !!!
wouldnt have been so pretty though !

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Amazing light, yes! Amazing photographer too. Sounds like the two of you had an adventure to remember. Have a great week.


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