Thursday, 16 February 2012

Queenies- Aldeburgh

For Hubbys 50th birthday I had wanted to go away to a cottage at the coast for the weekend. I had seen in a magazine a company called Grove Cottages. The cottages all looked amazing. I often find it hard to find anywhere to stay that is as nice as our home.

But there were 3 cottages in Aldeburgh, Suffolk that really drew my attention. Laundry cottage, Cissys cottage and the smallest of them all Queenies. They are all owned by Beverley and Martin and are right next to their stunning Queen Anne home.

It seemed perfect for us. It received amazing reviews and we booked it for the weekend. Little did we know when we booked it that the snow would come down. But actually it made all the scenery beautiful. It wasn’t like we were ever going to sit on the beach.

The light was amazing while we were there. It was only on our last day that a mist came down and the sky looked like it was going to snow again.


Now look what was waiting for us in the kitchen. A beautiful basket full of breakfast goodies.


All of it was top notch. But what really got me excited was the cake baked by Beverley waiting for us on the antique table.


I cannot say enough superlatives about this cake. We ate every last bit of it. We had it for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Everyday we had a huge cooked breakfast, with toast and bread and butter ! And of course followed by cake. We were stuffed for the entire day.



The cottage was beautiful inside and was full of antiques. It would make me proud if I owned and designed such a beautiful property. It was tiny and compact and reminded me of the cottage Cameron Diaz stays in in the film The Holiday.



The bedroom was in the eaves, up a wooden staircase.


I slept like a log in this bed. It was so cosy and warm up there, even though it was the coldest night of the year.


It had a roll top bath like we have at home. For the first time in two years I laid in a bath with a magazine and relaxed. I had no back or leg twinges at all. Bliss.


Right behind the cottages is a gate that leads to a wooded area. we had a walk around and a little robin followed us everywhere.. Unfortunately I had my 50mm on my camera instead of my zoom lens.


We returned the next morning, with my zoom lens on. But of course he didn’t return.

I cannot recommend these cottages enough and we certainly would love to return later in the year.

Here’s a link to a website telling you about all the amazing things Suffolk has to offer.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

That cottage looks so sweet & perfect for you! I bet it was a lovely stay with the snow & that you took plenty of great photo's. LOL at you eating that entire cake between did look delish though! Glad you enjoyed a pain free lie in the bath's the little things that count!! A belated Happy 50th to Chris too! :)


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