Monday, 20 February 2012

King Henry VIIIs little pad.

Last year I ordered some tickets via Tesco's club card for a day out.

Every time I mentioned us going somewhere, Hubby refused to go as he couldn’t stand me moaning, laying down in the back of the car. So as we only had a week to go until they run out, we made our way to Hampton Court Palace. It was a beautiful sunny day. In fact I had to have my sunglasses on all day.

We couldn’t believe we didn’t have to pay a penny towards the entry fee.




We must be getting old, as we had a brilliant day out. Our arms were killing us, holding up our listening guides as we went around the Palace.


There were so many rooms to look at. We did all of Henry VIIIs rooms but just raced through William and Marys side of the Palace.


Of course we couldn’t miss out on the famous oldest maze in the World.



luckily we found our way out.

Here are some of my favourite photos I took on the day.

This one was for an assignment on focusing. I was trying back button focusing and recomposing. I really liked it and shall be trying it a lot more.



And I knew this one, was going to be great, the second I saw it through my camera.



Scrappi Sandi said...

Now that's somewhere I've wanted to go for years & lee always says 'There'll be coachloads of OAP's' & I give in!! I think I'll show him these pics & put my foot down!!! Looks like a great day out! Love the pic of you both on the steps...timer?..or willing volunteer?!! :)

Hilary J said...

Great photos, particularly love that last one. It's a great place isn't it?

Anonymous said...

lovely photos! gorgeous BBF being taught in Karen's Class? i'm waiting for her MTS on focussing.....megan from singapore.

karen said...

Hi Megan, no Karen is still not teaching BBF, I have been setting myself little challenges throughout the class. She is still saying she will be doing a MTS in the future. Her husband comes home from Afghanistan today, so she is very excited. We are having an extra two break because of it. Lovely to hear from you. Karen x


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