Thursday, 16 February 2012

Happy belated Valentines


I shared this over on Facebook and didn’t have time to blog it on the day, sorry.

I have found out where I inherited my photography skills from.  I always get cross when people say, I get all my talents from my mum. No one ever gives me credit for my own hard work. My mum always had a camera with her, as did her dad before her. So I think that is where I have got my lifelong love of photos.

But I think I must have inherited some of the Vincent genes from my dads side. Hubby went to see my Uncle George, my dads brother. He took a picture of Chris and it’s plain to see, his framing is unique.


That’s one for the family album.

I have been doing so well lately, that I have been getting very little discomfort. I think it has helped that I am now able to move a lot more. The pain in my sacrum has started to ease. I saw my physio last night and she has told me I no longer need to see her. She thinks I am well on my way and know my own body well. So I have exercises to do on a daily basis and I start back at Pilates next week.

Hubby was pleased as she cost £64 per half hour. Every time he saw my consultant he asked him, could I stop the physio. I expected I would be seeing her for a very long-time. so I was shocked and pleased when she signed me off last night.

I asked my consultant could I now fly, and would it be ok for me to travel to India later in the year. He said I’d have no problems. So we have all the books and just need to choose which tour to go with. It’s going to be great to travel again. We used to travel a lot, and I am determined we will again.

I get a weekly email from Travel Zoo . Each week I  check out some of the holidays on offer. Yesterday. two holidays caught my attention. One was a cruise on our cruise liner we holidayed on last November . This time it was going to be sailing around Japan and China. But what really caught my eye was a short break to Iceland.

Yep, Iceland.

It ticked a lot of boxes. Just 4 days. All prearranged tours and its called the ultimate tour of Iceland. We get to swim in a blue lagoon, see whales and waterfalls. It will keep both of us happy. So we booked it today. That’s another Country ticked off.


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Antonia said...

When you swim in the blue lagoon, cover your hair with conditioner and put a cap on it or something. That water absolutely wrecks it - for weeks and weeks!


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