Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gentry, moi ?

I know it’s not hard to believe, but I am of blue blood.  There is a Lady in my family history. But typical the Lady in question, ran off with the hired help and was ex communicated.


Meet Mary, she was born to the Bonham Carters. You may have heard their name before. Helena Bonham Carter is now a famous actress. I once saw Helena at The Ally Pally scrapbook show, she is also a keen scrapper. Well, we just might share this ancestor.

Mary is my mothers great, great grandmother. On the back of the postcard I have written the history of poor Mary and how she had a hard, sad life and ended up making money cleaning a church. She had no life skills having being bought up as a true Lady. So it’s no wonder she isn’t smiling in the picture.

I copied the cut out detail at the bottom and the use of the die cuts from the lovely Dawn. Hers looked to0 good to not copy.

The above and the below were made using some of the kit supplied at the Southoe crop. Anna was going to provide us with a layout to scrap as a guide, but she has given up scrapping to concentrate on her photography. So we had a sketch to work from instead.



I followed it loosely, as you can see above. This is a picture of me and my sister in our late twenties. Loving the perm Andrea !

I had just grabbed a bag that had some photos in it and some kit leftovers from The Cambridge Croppers to take to the crop. It was a bit of a challenge to say the least, to work with just a few odds and ends. But I went with this picture of my mum. I had wanted to scrap it for ages. We found it in a stash of photos when my parents died. My sister and I, had never seen it before.


And this week I was back where I rightly belong. Me being posh and all that. I was invited by my friend, the Lady of the Manor ( house in the background ) to attend the local fox hunt taking place on their land. (I think she really wanted me there to provide one of my cakes, which got scoffed in seconds )

IMG_5835-1 copy

I was itching to get on a horse again and put on the attire. Mine is all put away, forever, in the Loft.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Sorry Ma'am for not showing you the deference you deserve, but it's easy to forget oneself when one's in the company of one who is so in touch with us common folk!

Although I've heard the story of your wayward Lady ancester before it's great to see her photo! Fab LO's on both counts & I love that photo of You & 80's!!


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