Monday, 20 February 2012

A foxy lady.

A lot of you will have all ready seen these images over on my Facebook.

My friend Judith wanted to buy a Canon camera for her 14 year old daughter for Christmas. I gave her some advice of what I recommended. Judiths daughter, Phoebe asked if I would do another shoot with her over her school break. So she came to stay with me and we had a full day of photography. I left a huge pile of photography books next to her bed, for a spot of night time reading.

I woke her up early as we had a full day ahead of us. First stop was a lesson in all the numbers on the back of a camera and what they meant. Then with me and Teddy as her models, she got to put the lessons into practice.

Then we stopped for lunch and sorted out some props and headed to the nature reserve opposite my house. We were laden down with bags. It was a dull day, with a lot of overhead cloud, so we could pretty much shoot anywhere we wanted.

IMG_7855 copyfb

IMG_7895 copyfb

An Amish hat from Wisconsin, binoculars and some fun glasses.

IMG_7918 copyfb

IMG_7919 copy 2fb


and then we trudged through thick mud.

IMG_7947 copyfb

IMG_7964 copy 2

to my secret little place. Tasmin had refused to climb through the undergrowth to get to it. But one look at it from Phoebe and she was up for it. The moss in there is amazing.

A man walking his dog, looked in at us as if we were mad.


IMG_8015-1 copy 2fb



Taking photos is super easy when you have a co operative model.

Phoebe’s day finished off with a lesson in editing. We sat there editing away on our laptops until it was dark.

Judith, Phoebe mum asked me the next day, had I covered my assignment as I had wanted ?

Oh whoops, I had forgotten all about it ! Oh well, never mind…………

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Amanda said...

Gorgeous photos! & I love her foxy hat! :-)


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