Sunday, 26 February 2012

Engagement shoot.

For some reason I have forgotten to blog about the engagement shoot I did over Christmas.  A friends daughter wanted me to photograph her upcoming wedding. Now, wedding are not my most favourite events. In fact, I find them and Christenings dead boring. This one was going to be in an old fort in Cornwall.  here

Now that dark, old fort was enough to give me nightmares. No natural light at all. How would I be able to photograph a wedding in there ? A lovely beach, but they don’t want to be away from their wedding party for long.

I put together a Pinterest board and started collecting lots of wedding blogs to read.

Anyway, I offered them an engagement shoot to see what I’m all about.


Here’s the entire shoot. I choose a perfect location. It massively helped that the shops were all shut because of Christmas and it gave us the whole place to shoot in.




They didn’t like their pictures edited and wanted them just as I shot them.

A compliment I know, but one I wasn’t too happy about. Her mum knows me well and knew I would be pissed off about that.

Especially as I had already spent over a day editing some of them.

In can easily take me 30 minutes to do one image. I don’t think people realise how long something like that can take.


IMG_3602-1 copy


I got to try out some of the poses I saw and saved in Pinterest, as you can see in my shutterfly album  of the shoot.

I knew the wedding would give me lots of nightmares leading up to September. Weddings are not something I would ever want to get into photographing. I like individual shots and particularly close ups. That's my style. A wedding is all about couples and groups.  The complete opposite of what I like.

I sat for three whole nights until past 1am watching a live video feed of Zach and Jody showing the World how they shoot weddings and I decided this isn’t for me. So I had to tell the bride to be ( well her mum) that I wasn’t the photographer for them. I would want to give them perfection. Second best isn’t good enough for a wedding.

Phew the relief, I can now look forward to September and the travel I can now embark on.

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