Thursday, 9 February 2012

ALIF is the best

I am back in the world of the able bodied now. Thank God, I went with the ALIF operation. I have been doing so well, much better than we ever anticipated. I went to see my consultant for my 3 m0nthly check and an x-ray, and I have been giving the all clear to start moving like a normal person again.

Fullscreen capture 05022012 103324

Here’s all my nuts and bolts. You can just make out the cage markers in my spine. Apparently he had to put my metal work in upside down because of the shape of my spine and how narrow the gap was. It’s weird that I haven’t had too much discomfort from what's now inside me. I get some sacrum pain, if i don’t take my medication, but nothing compared to what I was living withbefore . I have the all clear now, to go back to Pilates , and I can’t wait to show them how well  I am. They have only known me as the effing and blinding girl in the corner.I will show those over 80’s what I can really do now.

Of course just as I get rid of one pain, I end up with another.

Bloody typical.

My shoulder is all taped up by the physio as it’s protesting about something. It could be all my iPad use. But today is the first day when I can move without too much pain.

Tasmin has been busy helping me with my assignment pictures for Karen Russell's workshop. It was aperture and depth of field this time. I had shoot some images in the snow for it, but then I realised I hadn’t done exactly what Karen asked. So I did a quick shoot indoors. (Tasmin refused to go out in the snow ! )

She was very enthusiastic as you can see.


But the crappy ones I got ,will just have to do.

Luckily aperture is the one subject I totally understand.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad to hear the shoulder pain is improving! How fabulous that you are now able to be 'Normal''ll be high kicking & doing the splits in no time!!! LOL at the photo of it!!! :)

Dawn said...

Pleased to hear you can now move like a normal person but please reasure me that you will never act like one :-) Hope the shoulder pain soon eases, I bet it's holding up that large lens that has done it!!! See you soon xx


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