Friday, 20 January 2012

scrappers block

That’s what I seem to have been suffering from for the last two years. My pain and drugs seemed to cloud my brain. But my mind is slowly clearing, and I was able to scrap a bit in the last week. I still fall asleep when I try to read anything. But that could be down to my advancing years. I remember my parents well, crashed out every Sunday as they tried to read the newspaper.

I still have all these books to read, that I sorted out for my convalescence.


It was my first time attending Cambridge Croppers run by Huzaifah Zainon. We had two layouts to complete. I seemed to slow the proceedings down as some people couldn’t scrap and listen to me nattering on for hours ! Hopefully I bought some entertainment to the proceedings


I finished my layouts, when I got home.




I only added a few extra bits to Huzaifah’s wonderful designs. Which is actually quite rare for me.

I loved the birds, I lost one of mine. It either gave flight or I think Ann stole it !











How cute are those little cotton reels. I still have loads left in the rest of the kit.

Then I finished another layout this week. Which, considering how busy I am with Karen Russell's workshop is amazing.


Hilary, kindly donated some supplies to me and I immediately put one of the journaling blocks to good use.

And Sandra, the mini album documenting my pictures from the 2010 workshop was completed straight after the class finished. I wanted to share it with my new peers over on the current workshop.

I am trying to take it a bit easy at the moment. I was told off by my physio that I am doing too much. I have been having some problems with my lower back and hip pain. I have an x-ray coming up to see if the bone graft is taking. So that should be interesting.


Mariangeles M said...

Hi! I follow you in my Google Reader, and love your pages! But I've just realized that I never leave you a comment... sorry!

Love your work!

A big hug from Spain,

Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad to hear a good tme was had by all at Trumpington! Love what you did with the LO's, the designs are so 'you', but I would have struggled with those I think!! It still surprises me that, that wonderful, cheery family photo was taken at your Dads funeral!!! Listen to your physio & take it easy! (nag nag!) Hope the x-ray shows everything as it should be. Robynne sends love & I'll let you know when we're next meeting up.

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read your comment about other people listening to your chat at the crop. We like to do the same at our crop - free cabaret at times!


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