Saturday, 7 January 2012


What the hell does that mean, I hear a few of you ask ?

One Little Word.

To us bloggers, and scrappers, we know what OLW means. No need for resolutions, you can have a word to live by and inspire you for the coming year. In 2010 my word I choose was Capture. I kept to my word all year and learnt how to use my then new DSLR and spent the year “capture”ing,

2011, I choose the word Story. I wanted to continue to tell my story through my blog, and most importantly our families through Project Life.

This year again it was easy for me to choose my word. But to help me this year my son bought me a subscription to Ali Edwards year long class, here.

I don’t think I will be making an album charting my progress, which is a lot of what the class is about. I can’t think of anyone who would be interested in sitting down looking through the album. But I may be tempted to do a few layouts.

I have spent the time to snatch a quick self portrait which was part of this months class.


( my sister will be checking out my eyelids. She thinks I should have a spot of surgery on them . But I bet you didn’t even notice them until I pointed them out to you. Nope, you were too busy noticing my smile, earrings or brown eyes. Am I right or should I book that appointment ?)

Anyway, back to my word for the year 2012. I have chosen my word


Check out my Pinterest board here for some of my inspirational quotes I have chosen to spur me on. Some of them made me cry when I read them. Remembering how much pain I was in, and my trying to stay strong.


This one bought the tears out…….


I remembered the couple of occasions I had to be held, to help me to stand through the pain and to comfort me. The memories are still very clear in my brain. My pain was so bad that even morphine couldn’t take it away.

Maybe you would like to find a word for 2012 instead of  New Year resolutions. Listen to the words being said out loud here, it may help one speak to you. I told Hubby I had chosen mine. I let him guess from all the “s” ones. He got mine straight away.

I hope the word will help me to work through all the physio I have to now do. To help me when I return soon to rehab Pilates classes. To keep my mind strong and focused and not to worry that the pain will return. And to try and make my cut stomach muscles strong again.

But an added bonus to my word is it other meanings, here.

  • Having or showing ability or achievement in a specified field
  • bold,
  • brave,
  • emphatic
  • and firm

all things I need to learn to help me to say, no.  Something I have always found hard.

So I have to stay STRONG, and remember I live very close to the end of the rainbow, as I captured here this week.


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