Friday, 6 January 2012

Months ago

just before my operation I got everyone's Christmas presents in one swoop. All thanks to this ladies blog. She was offering a free memory keepers box at Paper Coterie for all her blog readers. I couldn’t believe it. I had wanted a memory keeper box forever, but they were so expensive to buy and ship here to the UK. It didn’t matter how many times you used the voucher code as long as they were separate transactions. So it worked out a perfect way for me to buy a box with an image I had taken, for everyone in our family. Now it meant I just had to pay for the shipping to the UK which worked out at about £22 each. The poor delivery man had so many big boxes to deliver to my house over 3 days.

Here’s the one I bought hubby. I choose the same dotty design for everyone as it was my favourite. You could choose to include any words on the back.

2012 Jan self portrait

They are so beautifully made. The picture quality is amazing and the boxes are lined with black linen.

Here's my nieces with theirs.



Taya wasn’t too pleased with the image I choose of her. She wants to be a boy really, so she didn't like how girly she looks.

2011 Dec 25th Christmas day

I did read about a $35 voucher towards anything at Paper Coterie in the last few days, but I just can’t find where I read it. I did a little search on the internet and I could only find this, sorry. But it’s better than nothing.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Those boxes are gorgeous, what wonderful gifts!! They look even better than they sounded when you told me about them arriving in the post!!! See you very soon! x


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