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Karen Russell workshop scrapbook

All you regular readers of my blog, know that all my photography skills I owe to Karen Russell. I took a workshop with her, in the summer of 2010.

I was a TOTAL novice. It was a steep learning curve for me. But as I am a classic A type personality, I threw myself into it with gusto. I was so proud of my development through the course, and some of the images I captured, that I made a little scrapbook album to showcase them. I worked so hard in 2010 and 2011 trying to develop my photography skills and then the editing began. I can now look back at a lot of my photos and cringe, as I see shadows and colour casts. Which I can now correct with the little knowledge I have gained.


I am redoing the workshop in 2012 because I felt it would give me something to look forward to, after my spine operation. I had been toying with the idea of turning pro and trying to schedule a couple of shoots a month. I hoped Karen's class, along with the JinkyArt workshop, would help to reinforce my skills and give me the confidence to go to the next step. But it was spoiling my convalescence.

I don’t like pressure, and take today as an example. Someone wanted me to do a shoot with them today, as they are getting their hair cut and would look at their best. Yesterday was a beautiful crisp, sunny frosty day. Today it’s dark, raining and incredibly murky. The light is totally different. I know I couldn’t create the best photo in those conditions. Imagine if I was getting paid for that, and had other sessions booked in during the week. The uncertainty of the light here in the UK, is too much for me to take my photography to that pro level. I would just worry too much. And I don’t need that type of pressure. No amount of money could reimburse me, for my own piece of mind.

Here is my little scrapbook album containing my assignment pictures for 2010.

I can’t remember the name of the Mamarazi papers and quotes I used. Can anyone recognise it?





I had planned to take the workshop in the Summer months,so that I would hopefully get some sunny days.

It helped that we would also be in Spain on holiday for the first two weeks.

I drove them all mad ,making them sit for shoots everyday.




It made photography so easy having the light in Spain. The one above is for my shutter speed assignment and Tasmin is in a swimming pool trying to catch droplets of water.













My regular blog readers might remember that during that holiday. I got serious respite from my spine pain. I thought I had been cured by the warm weather. But of course within a short space of time the pain came back.










 Anna Bowkis was also taking the workshop, and we were both despairing over our lack of light. That summer everyday seemed to be grey and murky. I told Anna about an amazing back drop in a lavender field that we could use. So we went there and practiced for our week 5/6 assignments.












I used all the opportunities that came up, to organise little shoots that could cover my assignments. By this time my kids were sick of having a camera in their faces. So Taya above is my niece.  She was having a sulk and a little cry when I took the picture. We thought she had just broken Teddy’s leg, and she had been told off.

The little 3 day old baby below, was my friends brand new granddaughter. I have gone on to use her many times as my model as she is growing up.




You may recognise this recent picture I took of her at Christmas


IMG_1043-1pse1 copy 3

look how she has grown.



I shared this image I took in Spain, with the new workshop, to show them how easy it is to capture beautiful sunsets and light when you have it. Unfortunately here in the UK that is a real challenge.


I was so looking forward to my holiday in our Spanish apartment in 2011. I would know what I was doing this time, and I could utilise that special light. But, I had to fly home, unexpectedly, when the pain became too bad. Leaving poor Chris, on his own.


I even included the little note Karen Russell sent, with my workshop binder.


These Paparazzi papers were just perfect for this little album. I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at it.

I am looking forward to the JinkyArt workshop I am taking in May. I actually hope it will be grey and murky for some of it. I want to see how Barb , an Australian photographer, will cope with it.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Noooo!!! Don't wish for grey & murky in May!!!! But seriously what a fabulous mini book....good to see some scrapping from you...the photography does take over!!! That Christmas portrait is just a stunner...her eyes are perfectly captured!


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