Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The end of Project Life

at last.

It was so ingrained in me to carry my camera everyday,  so that I can get a shot for Project Life. But when Tasmin and I where going shopping in London for some last minute Christmas shopping, when she saw my heavy DSLR out on the side she groaned. She told me I’m not carrying it for you and you certainly won’t be able to all day. So I reluctantly agreed to leave it in the safe. But I fretted all day without it. Hubby had the small point and shoot in Chicago, so I thought I will just have to go with whatever he shoots. Imagine my delight when I saw a sledge in the middle of Oxford Street, complete with fake snow. I immediately ran over to the girl monitoring an empty queue. She informed me it was free and you got about 3 shots ,within 10 minutes. I grabbed Tasmin and off we posed. 10 minutes later, voila I had 2 photos inside a Xmas card. I used one of the cards as my weekly announcement card and I added some old Xmas card embellishments to the Joy Up.



I added an image of my children's old JMI school. I offered to pick up a friends daughter from school, so it was the perfect opportunity to grab a shot on the playground. These will be the images my kids will be interested in in years to come. It will prompt lots of memories.

The cowgirls were my two lunch partners for the day. I made them wear the hats for an impromptu photo session.


again I pulled the house of an old New Home card, I found whilst clearing out some drawers.


My sister didn’t want me to share her picture on my blog.(It’s a secret, what I photographed )


An insert with some extra pics from the week. When I picked up my friends daughter, I offered a little photo session. I have to take every opportunity to take pictures of little willing subjects.

2011 Amy web

2011 Amy web1

Then on the back of the insert are two Christmas cards from my nephews. Some of you may already of seen the lovely picture of me with my face stuffed with chocolates on Christmas day (I shared it on Facebook). Not a nice sight , I agree. But funny….


Here’s it again, in case you want to see it closer. No doubt my sister will be saving this for a future Birthday card !


And finally Week fifty two



The couple with the frame, are my friend Hilary's daughter and her fiancé. I did an engagement shoot with them whilst they were down South. I will have to share some images in a later blog.


an insert of some of my favourite images from Christmas Day.


and of the days following the big day.




I included a pocket with the Christmas card my Aunt sent me in 2010. She has since died and I thought it would be nice to keep to remember her and her lovely handwriting.





I have yet to finish the two closing pages. I want to add a family photo and something about my One Little Word project for 2012.


I bought us all a lottery ticket and asked them each to write down what they would do with the winnings. Of course none of us won. It was interesting that they all found it hard to think of what to buy. Property was the main thing. They all wanted to know how much they had to spend, as half a million doesn’t go far on properties here in the UK.

And here is the A4 pocket envelope I added. Both of them in the albums are stuffed.


It includes special cards, an x-ray of Tasmins jaw, the reading my cousin did at my Aunt funeral. A thank you card with one of my images,  from a little boy who’s photo I took.  A letter from my cousin with a cheque from my Aunts Will. (very unexpected) The Police report from our burglary. A football programme from an important game, Ryan played in.

Oh, and the little note from the stylist from my house magazine shoot. She told me, God told her to write it down and give it to me. It was the least I could do to keep it and pop it in my Project Life !


Michelle La Grue said...

Hi Karen - Because I read your blog, I started my Project Life last week, I printed out my first photos and completed the first weeks page, and think it's ironic I am reading your last weeks. Well done on keeping up and making it part of your life, you will feel the loss of it but see you are doing another photo course! Keep up the fab photos, your Christmas ones of the little girl were just fab and so clear with really good details.

Happy New Year - Michelle

Scrappi Sandi said...

All Ab Fab!! See you tomorrow...get those walking shoes on!! :)


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