Thursday, 26 January 2012

busy, busy ,busy

that’s me at the moment. Busy doing nothing, really. I mean I don’t have to go out to work. I’m not allowed to clean the house or cook (i do ). But boy, am I still busy all the time.

I’m making the most of it, as my 12 weeks recuperation is nearly up. I go to see my consultant in Feb for an x-ray to see were my back is at.

I have tried coming of some of my daily medication this week. I had already halved it, because of the nasty side effects. WEIGHT GAIN !! So I tried coming of my nightly dose. But I was awake, on and off all night in discomfort and pain. So I am back on them and just having to grin and bare the weight gain. Put it this way. I now weigh over a stone and a half more, than I did pregnant with both my children !!

My physio doesn’t want to see me until after I’ve been to the consultant. I had some increase in my pain from the nerve after seeing her before. So she is too scared to treat me at the moment. So I continue with the 10 minute walks, and 5 hip tips and a few lower stomach tightens and that's about all the exercise I am allowed.

Now if you bumped into me out and about, you wouldn’t guess there is anything wrong with me. In fact even I forget sometimes. But I am still very limited in the things I can do. I mean, hell I’m not even allowed to fly at the moment or even take a bath ! It’s when I want to do something, like plant the flowers I’ve just bought to brighten a planter at the front door. Can’t do. Lay down and take some pictures of Teddy for my shutter speed assignment. Can’t do. Oh well, hopefully one day I’ll be able to do it. I’m intrigued to know if I'll ever be able to touch my toes again. Or even cut my own darn toenails !!!

Anyway here are some photos I have shared with my fellow students over on Karen Russell's photography workshop.

I saw this pair of dogs coming towards me when I was out for a walk. Sadly for Teddy, I’m not allowed to walk him, so he was locked up indoors. Again, it was frustrating as I wanted to get down to their level, but I had to make do with this perspective.


The holly tree outside my house


One frosty morning



leading lines outside The Ritz, London


and a sleepy Teddy, cuddling his little toy dog.


That dog sure loves his toys…..

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Scrappi Sandi said...

You're so right about how good you're looking right now, so don't fret those extra lbs!! Great photo's, even from an upright perspective...especially like the Ritz one! Nice to see the end result to all the renovations that were going on when we were there in August!! Keep busy! :)


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