Thursday, 12 January 2012

and so it begins

Me glued to the internet for the next couple of months. Karen Russell's latest photography workshop has stated this week. I have a LOT to catch up on day and night in the forums. People post just as I think I’ve got on top of it !

I have my own little peer group, but I think some of them are scared of me already, as they are keeping quiet. I have promised to just whisper in my replies to them. I warned them I am a rather loud individual and talk a lot and loudly. Or so some of you tell me.

Every thing we post for our assignments has to be SOOC, no editing cropping or anything. There is much talk about you have to get it right in camera and then editing isn’t needed. Someone said “you can’t polish a turd” . Well here’s an image that shows, you can in fact polish a turd !! Sorry Amelia. it’s just a figure of speech, you’re not really a turd. Just a little annoyingly, quiet sometimes. Only Joking !

Here’s a before and after edited image of Amelia

2011 edits Gloria-2web

Not everyone is picture perfect SOOC. I rest my case.

When I took the last workshop I just couldn’t work out why I couldn’t get the pictures I was seeing on the web, and often on the workshop POTD spot. I was doing everything right in camera, but something was missing. I thought it was my camera body and lenses. It was editing. We have very grey light here in the UK. Its very often cloudy and extremely dull. My images are totally different  SOOC, when I am in Spain. Full of colour and punch. I can easily get beautiful sunset and backlit images. ( see here) Try that here, and it’s almost impossible.

The other thing that gets my goat during the class, is the camera equipment they all have. I suffered really badly last time with envy of all their cameras and lenses, and this time it’s even worse. The amount of people with Canon 5d MKII and 7Ds is astounding. People think they are blessed here in the UK with a point and shoot ! It’s only professional photographers here, that tend to have the Canon 5dMKII.

I have to keep reminding myself that their equipment is much cheaper in the US, and that they have much more disposable income in comparison to the average Brit. I mean just look at our tax rate 20% on everything, then add in the price of our homes and petrol !!! (insert weeping) ). I know I’m not “the average Brit “ when it comes to income, I’m just plain tight.

I can see myself getting thrown of this workshop if I keep mouthing off. But you know me I can’t keep my big mouth shut !

I posted these as my POTD shots. How did my cardigan know about my bracelets, when it came with this little message ?……..

One bracelet does not jingle : Sometimes more is more.

My thoughts exactly………..


Here’s another image.


and this from yesterdays lunch.


and Sandra, SOOC unedited. Sorry about that Sandra !



Scrappi Sandi said...

I was quite caught out by that!! But I must say I'm quite happy with that SOOC....evn though I#m always appreciative when you work your magic!! how fabulous is that photo of the sizzling Tikka?!!! Enjoy getting to know your peer group & keep polishing those turds...sometimes it just has to be done!!!!! :)

photosglitterglue said...

If it makes you feel any better, it is absolutely the exception to have a camera like that in the US. I live in a wealthy area and never see anything other than a point and shoot! Your photos are really good even SOOC. I need a class like this!


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