Thursday, 15 December 2011

The official opening of the Aldrin Grotto !

The red ribbon was kindly cut my Mr Snitch the Elf himself. He was in great demand this year, but we were lucky to get him for the official opening.


and then a right Royal bugle salute, played by Mr Snitch the Elf.


some Christmas music tinkling in the background played by Liberace

( or Mr Snitch the Elf)


The following videos were prompted by a comment left by Kim…..


and there’s more !!

and more


and then………. The End.

Well, nearly the end of Mr Snitch the Elf………


someone got jealous !!!!!


Hilary J said...

Thanks for the guided tour!

Kym said...

Thank you Karen for the video it was lovely to see all the rooms looking so festive, it must have taken you ages....Have a lovely christmas and a happy new year and I hope to see you again soon..I really miss a chat and most of all a pedicure xx


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