Monday, 5 December 2011

It’s that time of year again….



Don’t be fooled by his face. He loves to have an advent calendar.

I have been enjoying my rest time immensely. It’s five weeks already since my spine operation. I feel almost normal now. I still wake in the night, but the pain is more a nuisance, than agony like before. In fact I rather like my peaceful hour on the internet. I have been doing more and more around the house. It didn’t help when we saw my surgeon for a check up this weekend. Hubby asked, could I resume the ironing duty? The bloody Dr replied, “ yes, in short 20 minute bursts ".

But on the up side, he said I could start driving again. So today I went out and did a wee bit of Christmas shopping. I am to wean myself of my back brace over the coming weeks and my nerve painkiller drugs. That way we will see if they are just masking any pain.

I wanted a picture at the hospital, for my Project Life and for another photo project I am taking part in. I wanted to cover the gratitude prompt. Because I am eternally, grateful to Mr Lester Wilson for helping in taking my pain away.

No one is ever phased when I ask for a photo. Especially when I explain why. The only problem is I put the camera on idiot proof for hubby. Of course it decided to focus on me only. Oh well ,never mind.


The Dr checked my scar, and I remarked it was a bit wider and higher than I expected. He had previously said it would be 4-5 inches long. So he pulled out a ruler and measured it for a laugh ,and it was spot on. But he did remark he could have done a better job of centering it !

Tasmin has been my taxi lately. She finally passed her driving test ,with no faults ! We bought her a sporty little Renault Clio.


This was me going out for one of her first tries on a motorway. We only nearly got killed once!  I kid you not.

We popped out for milkshakes and hot chocolate.



A couple of hours later Tasmin was £250 pounds lighter. We found a little boutique that had just opened. Oh, and one of her eyes is a bit dodgy and has been for the last month. So she’s not great model material at the moment

It’s the time of year, when a lot of scrapbookers take part in one of Shimelles most popular classes. I have put my Journal Your Christmas album out as part of our Christmas decorations.


If you would like to check out my completed album it’s all here.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Great to see Tasmin is taking to the road! That eye looks you know what's causing it? Off to have another peruse of your JYC album! Will mine get completed this year?!! Hmmmm...we'll see!!! :)

alexa said...

Glad to hear the pain is much less and that you are enjoying life more. :)


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