Friday, 23 December 2011

I’m a bit nuts

at the moment.

I can’t help myself…..

It’s caused me to come out in huge spots, but I can’t resist.

I’ve been making caramelised nuts ready for a salad, I’m making as a starter for Christmas Day. The only problem is they are so delicious, I keep eating them.

So I thought I would share with you how they are made, in case you’d like to be spotty for Christmas like me !

Grab yourselves some nuts that you fancy. The pecans are particularly yummy cooked in this way.


I was using pecans and walnuts for my salad and I added some cashews to be made up separately.


Roast your nuts in a moderate oven for about 7 minutes, but keep an eye on them, as they easily burn. The slight roasting really changes the flavour and texture of the nuts.

Then add about half a cup full of granulated sugar to a saucepan. Grab a wooden spoon.


Now you need to heat your sugar and watch it like a hawk. Don’t answer the phone ,stop to break up fights between your screaming brats.

You can whack them later…..



It will start to liquify before your eyes.




Then it will start to turn golden in colour. This is the crucial part and it can easily burn and be ruined.




Just as it starts to turn more golden add your nuts.



Stir around, sprinkle on some sea salt. I added some cinnamon to the cashew nuts  as well.

Tip on to a slightly, oiled tray. Have two forks ready, and a willing slave. I have several here, always willing to help me !



separate the sticky nuts, as much as possible and leave to cool.

and then VOILA….

You can then pop them into little pots ready for adding to salads or just munching.




alexa said...

These look lovely and hope you have had a Happy Christmas ...

alexa said...

These look delicious and hoping you have had a lovely Christmas.


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