Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Project Life

Somehow I have managed to keep up with my Project Life. It has been hard going the last few weeks. Because I was stuck confined to a  hospital bed for 3 days and on strict rest on my return home. I have been cross with myself on numerous occasions, when I have forgotten to pick up my camera when I’ve had visitors. So I have had to use a bit of poetic license to fill my slots.

Sorry, the images are a bit dark and the white balance is crap. But I couldn’t carry the album downstairs to shoot it in natural light.  I had to make do with a dark lit room.

Week forty One



some extra inserts from a photo shoot of my nieces .

I have one more to add to this collection of my friends Sandra and Hilary.











Week forty two



Yep, I even took my camera to the chiropodists ! I can’t tell you what bliss it was having my feet looked after. I haven’t been able to reach them for a year and a half. It was £30 well spent.

Week forty three



extra insets for the week.



Week forty four



Week forty five


Week forty six


So, that’s it so far. But I have lots of recent photos I’ve taken to share at a later date. I am so well, I am raring to go with some new photographic shoots. I’ve just got to wait for this dingy, grey weather to disappear.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Have just written an epic comment & Blogger swallowed it whole! :(

So to be brief....PL is looking fab & Pleeeaaase can I have that photo of you & I together?!! HUGE congrats to Tasmin on passing her DT...& Mag pics look amazing! What issue will they be in, so I can tell G&M? LOL at Judith in Aldi...that's my first stop for food shopping nowadays!! TTFN :)

enikodelisle said...

I'm so impressed that you've kept up with Project Life so well! I've got to get better at lugging around my camera!


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